Tenders for companies

Automation and artificial intelligenceView tenders

Sources of financing with a focus on enabling the use or development of automation and artificial intelligence in the company's work processes.

Data management and connectivityView tenders

Funding sources aimed at updating data management systems and cyber security schemes.

Digital business strategyView tenders

Funding sources aimed at the business digital strategy - planning the digital transformation of the company, planning and designing related investments for digitization.

Digital readinessView tenders

Funding sources aimed at digital infrastructure, tools, technologies and solutions in the company's work processes.

Environmentally friendly digitizationView tenders

Funding sources aimed at meeting environmental standards and ensuring environmental sustainability.

Human-centered digitizationView tenders

Funding sources dedicated to human resource management, staff training and enabling digital solutions for staff and customers.

Individual counselingContact us

With individual counseling, we direct the search for financial resources into more advanced tools - applications for EU projects, inclusion in consortia, connection with capital funds, management of intellectual property and other forms of counseling.