About us


SRC-EDIH is the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH), supporting the digital transformation of manufacturing companies and public organisations (in the public sector) in Slovenia, focusing on five key technologies: HPC, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain and robotics.

The Hub is a network of highly skilled hubs with extensive experience in delivering services to strengthen your organisation’s digital transformation. The Centre is made up of 13 partners working in different fields across Slovenia.

SRC-EDIH is co-funded by the European Commission’s Digital Europe programme.


Our vision is to become the leading European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) in South East Europe, contributing to the accelerated digitisation of manufacturing SMEs and the digital transformation of public administrations through advanced digital technologies, taking into account the pillars of sustainable economic, environmental and social development.


Development Centre Novo mesto (RCNM, coordinator)
The Development Centre Novo Mesto (DCNM) is the regional development agency and lead partner in the SRC-EDIH project. In our LABTOP laboratory for the factories of the future, we offer access to advanced manufacturing technologies that will increase your productivity and efficiency. As part of the SRC-EDIH project, our experts provide training on robotics, automation and digitisation of production processes. As part of the project, we offer access to Industry 4.0 research, testing of new technologies, prototyping, simulations and Industry 4.0 consultancy.
Faculty of Information Studies (FIŠ, partner)
The Faculty of Information Studies is a pillar of public higher education in the SEE region. In the Circular Economy Testbed, we offer the use of software aimed at exploring and building potential links between actors that promote the exchange of materials for the benefit of the environment, the reduction of carbon footprints, the reduction of waste to landfill and the saving of non-renewable resources. The project offers training on the circular economy, introducing new processes, understanding copyright and technology transfer.
Faculty of Industrial Engineering (FININM, partner)
The Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto (FINI) is a private higher education institution offering accredited study programmes in mechanical engineering. SRC-EDIH provides a supportive environment for knowledge transfer, scientific research and support activities in the development of new ideas and innovations to achieve the objectives of digitisation and Industry 4.0 in enterprises, and access to the infrastructure needed to test new technologies in order to support the economy and public institutions. The SRC-EDIH project focuses on advanced digital technologies or computer-aided engineering and the use of HPC.
University of Nova Gorica (UNG, partner)
The University of Nova Gorica (UNG) hosts the Laboratory of Life and Environmental Sciences (LVOŽ) and the Centre for Research on the Atmosphere (CRA), which investigate how pollutants behave and are transported in the environment and test new materials and processes for use in environmentally friendly technologies. The SRC-EDIH project offers air pollution training, testing facilities and access to research infrastructure.
University of Primorska (UP, partner)
The University of Primorska is a medium-sized, dynamic and innovative university with strong international links. In the framework of the SRC-EDIH project, the university offers a digital maturity assessment with an analysis of opportunities for digitisation, a testbed environment with a trial of the technologies before they are actually deployed, support in finding and selecting funders through regional, national and European schemes, financial advice to access private or public funding, and support in using the InvestEU programme. As part of the SRC-EDIH project, our experts deliver training on artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on machine learning and data analysis. We also provide training in programming and algorithmic thinking. As part of the project, we offer access to pilot deployments of IOTs (Internet of Things) combined with cloud computing and edge computing (smartphones, sensors and other embedded devices).
CADCAM Lab Ltd. (partner)
CADCAM Lab (CCL) is a reliable partner on the digital transformation journey. Within the SRC-EDIH project, our experts provide training in advanced modelling and product development, dynamic production planning and optimised inter-company collaboration. The project also offers services for the digitalisation of companies, such as Digital Roadmap, creation and implementation of digital strategy and digitalisation of business processes.
Koofr Ltd. (KOOFR, partner)
Koofr is a reliable and experienced partner in the storage, transfer, processing and protection of large amounts of data. As a partner in the SRC-EDIH project, we offer training in cloud storage, cyber security, data access and sharing security and network security. We also provide access to a test environment to introduce SMEs, start-ups and public organisations to the concepts of data storage and cloud technology, cloud account management, cyber security, authentication and access authorisation.
Micrography Ltd. (partner)
Mikrografija, d.o.o., with many years of experience in the field of digitisation and paperless business, offers comprehensive flexible solutions and services, proven in various environments and industries. The SRC-EDIH project will present solutions for electronic document management in the business environment (mDocs), scanning and digitisation of documentation (mScan), secure long-term storage of documentary and archival material in compliance with the current archival legislation (mSef), electronic document signing (mSign) in order to demonstrate the benefits and efficiency of paperless business.
The City Municipality of Novo Mesto (MONM, partner)
Novo mesto is a municipality in south-eastern Slovenia.It is inhabited by approximately 37,300 people, and more than 23,000 people in Novo mesto. Novo mesto is the seventh largest city in Slovenia, and one of the twelve municipalities in Slovenia. Novo mesto is the administrative, economic, cultural, educational, health and sports centre of the south-eastern region of Slovenia. The municipality of Novomeš is recognised nationally and internationally as a digitally advanced municipality, which is also confirmed by our partnership in the SRC-EDIH project, where we provide professional training in the fields of smart city development, digital transformation strategy development, data ethics, security, municipal ICT solutions and e-government.
The Municipality of Ajdovščina (OA, partner)
Ajdovščina is located in the south-western part of Slovenia, in the Upper Vipava Valley, on the border with Italy. The municipality was founded in 1994, has a staff of around 50 and is based in Ajdovščina, a town of around 7,000 inhabitants. Ajdovščina is the economic, educational and cultural centre of the Vipava Valley. We joined the SRC-EDIH consortium to contribute to the digital transformation and to gain new experience in this field. We will create an enhanced testing environment for decision-makers as we move towards the digital transformation of public services. A one-stop-shop on the premises of the Municipality will serve as a decision support system for public services and other municipal services. There will also be educational workshops, lectures and various demonstrations.
School of Advanced Social Studies (FUDŠ, partner)
The Faculty of Applied Social Studies (FUDŠ) is a private higher education institution known for its commitment to researching and solving important societal challenges. Among other things, FUDŠ has a strong focus on researching the interactions between individuals and technology, through the prism of the psychophysical effects of new technologies on users. To this end, we have set up a "Laboratory for testing the psychophysical reactions of users" at FUDŠ. Our laboratory offers access to advanced technologies to help you improve working conditions in both public administration and business. We argue that the success of digital transformation depends fundamentally on how change is implemented in the business environment. In the framework of the SRC-EDIH project, our experts provide training to enable decision-makers and change managers to develop the competences needed to properly conceptualise, plan, implement and monitor the process of introducing change into an organisation. They also carry out assessments of the real state of the working environment before, during and after digital solutions are implemented in the workplace. Finally, they inform decision-makers about new approaches in psychosocial counselling and support, combined with advanced technological tools.
Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina (GZDBK, partner)
The Chamber of Commerce of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina (GZDBK) is the first legally independent regional chamber in Slovenia. The SRC-EDIH project provides training in digital skills and technologies and comprehensive and active support in networking with national and international partners. The project also provides companies with a supportive environment and advice on how to apply for innovation. We also organise events to promote business development and to facilitate networking and networking. We encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to develop and innovate, underpinned by the transformation of digital solutions and technologies.
RIC Bela Krajina (partner)
The Bela krajina Development and Information Centre is a public institution that promotes and facilitates tourism and entrepreneurship in Bela krajina. RIC Bela krajina works in the field of promoting additional development tasks in the development region of SE Slovenia - Bela krajina, promoting the development of the economy, promotion, information and advice in the field of entrepreneurship. Within the SRC-EDIH project, our experts provide training on artificial intelligence, advanced digital marketing, automation and digitisation of sales processes, design thinking. The project offers advice on a new business model, support in finding financiers, financial advice to access private or public funding, and incubation and support for SMEs or start-ups to develop digital pilots.
Association of Employers of Slovenia (associate partner)
The Slovenian Employers' Association is the first voluntary economic interest association in Slovenia, representing and protecting the interests of employers since 1994. Today, more than 1,400 Slovenian companies are affiliated to the ZDS, organised into 11 industry sections.
RRA GIZ - (Associated partner)
The Association of Regional Development Agencies was established in June 2002. It brings together 12 Slovenian regional development agencies, four of which operate as network regional agencies, acting as promoters of coherent and sustainable development at regional level. The Association plays an important role in international networking. Although most agencies have already developed development mechanisms and tools to a large extent, individual regions and their development institutions often fall short of the required size standards in the international arena. We are therefore more strongly connected, both in finding and using knowledge at home, and in transferring our knowledge to new environments.
RRA-ROD (Associated Partner)
The Regional Development Agency ROD Ajdovščina (RRA-ROD) will support the Municipality of Ajdovščina in setting up a single point of contact with the public administration, especially for local businesses (small and medium-sized enterprises, medium-sized enterprises and start-ups).