Pre-investment test

Test-before-load environments are digital or physical spaces where organisations can test new technologies or digital processes. They allow practical demonstration and testing before investing in new equipment for your organisation. Try out some of our available test environments (below) and contact our team to get access.

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Skills and training

New technology and digital processes are only as good as our ability to use and understand them. SRC-EDIH works closely with training centres, training providers and research institutions to provide access to advanced digital skills through short-term advanced digital courses and training.

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Our innovation ecosystem and networking

SRC-EDIH helps you to network and connect with our extended innovation ecosystem and identify key technology, resources and suppliers that will be useful in your digitisation journey.

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Support in finding investment

SRC-EDIH facilitates digitisation initiatives through funding support and advice, connecting you with funding advisors and providing guidance on funding programmes and other relevant funding mechanisms. In order to maximise support, SRC-EDIH also works closely with the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

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